Banshee lives! Rumours of classic tent being discontinued untrue, say Vango

TENT manufacturer Vango has quashed rumours that it was going to retire the hugely popular Banshee tent series this year.

The Port Glasgow-based firm confirmed to Ever Wild Outdoors that it wasn’t looking to discontinue one of the most iconic models from Vango’s 56 year history.

The Banshee has been a mainstay of camping, Scouting and Duke of Edinburgh’s expeditions for many years, owing to its simple design, reliability and price point. The two-person Banshee 200, and the three-person 300, together with ‘Pro’ versions rarely attract bad reviews.

However, this well-loved favourite appeared to be in danger of reaching the end of its shelf-life earlier in the week when whisperings of its discontinuation began circling.

Ever Wild Outdoors approached Vango for clarification which, after some initial and concerning hesitation came this morning when the Scottish company confirmed the Banshee was here to stay.

It would appear the rumours may have come from Vango’s decision to stop selling the tent directly and, instead, focus entirely on selling it to a supplier. In an email, Vango confirmed that supplier would be Blacks, but in social media posts it states the exclusive supplier will be Go Outdoors.

Which of the two are the official exclusive supplier is of no consequence, as both Blacks and Go Outdoors are owned by the same company – Manchester-based JD Sports.

After declining the offer to make a press statement about the Banshee’s future, Vango said it would issue its clarification via social media, which it did today.

“Don’t worry folks Banshee is here to stay and you can purchase it exclusively from Go Outdoors,” it tweeted.

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