OUTDOORS brand Robens is stepping up its pledge towards sustainability by introducing recycled components into its next range of Serac sleeping bags.

Robens introduce recycled components into new Serac sleeping bags

OUTDOORS brand Robens is stepping up its pledge towards sustainability by introducing recycled components into its next range of Serac sleeping bags.

The award-winning sleeping bags see the use of ‘Robens Sustain’ products as part of its initiative to use recycled materials and less impactful production techniques.

The range now also carries the Robens Sustain logo shows the use of recycled inner and shell fabrics, and the use of responsibly-sourced and traceable duck down.

Options include three different fill weights in the box wall construction for a choice of temperature ratings with the fill weight and Tlimit for men now shown in the model name for easy identification: Serac 300 -4°C, Serac 600 -14°C, Serac 900 -20°C.

The wide comfort mummy cut with shark fin foot box allows freedom of movement while the PFC-free lining offers high moisture transfer. Draughts and heat loss are minimised by the insulated face baffle and a redefined neck baffle position and profile − all draw-cords are differentiated by thickness and structure for easy adjustment by touch in the dark.

A key feature is the elasticated Loft Expander System. This reacts to body movement by pulling the shell from the lining to quickly restore loft and, thus, insulation to the torso. It minimises inner space to be heated without compromising comfort and space.

Left or right-hand YKK two-way zip options with auto-lock are offered, and all have anti-snag zip guard with full-length insulated zip baffle. All come with a compression stuff sack, hanging loops and mesh sack.

RRP, packed size and weight:

Serac 300 (-4°C) – 26cm x 16cm – 845g: £214.99

Serac 600 (-14°C) – 30cm x 21cm – 1,255g: £299.99

Serac 900 (-20°C) – 34cm x 25cm – 1,505g: £344.99

Temperature and season ratings:

Robens sleeping bags are tested to EN ISO 23537-1. This European Standard defines how to test, measure and label a sleeping bag, and is useful to assess comparative performance. This standard is based on the use of a computer controlled thermal mannequin to determine the temperature limits of a sleeping bag. The mannequin is placed inside the sample bag in a temperature-controlled climate chamber. Tests and measurements are carried out based on the knowledge of how the human body reacts to changing temperatures during sleep to create the recommended temperature limits that appear on sleeping bags. The standard is particularly useful in assessing the comparative performance of different sleeping bags.

Robens quote their recommended temperature ratings for the following:

Tcomfort – lower comfort limit in standard use (woman)

Tlimit – lower limit when curled up in standard use (man)

Textreme – lowest extreme temperature for survival (woman)

For further information and prices, plus details of your nearest retailer, visit robens.co.uk

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