Avon Ring canoe challenge

Parkin’s off again! Adventurer to tackle River Wye for charity

EVER Wild editor Darren Parkin is set to take on another charity endurance challenge by canoe.

This time, the 50-year-old paddler is looking to tackle the river Wye 100 “in the fastest possible time”.

The route – from Glasbury to Chepstow – meanders for 161 kilometres on one of Britain’s most famous canoeing rivers.

Once again, Parkin will be on the water in the Ever Wild Outdoors number one canoe ‘Gini’ – the trusted craft which set the record for navigating the Avon Ring last year in an astonishing time of four days and 10 hours.

Last year, Ever Wild’s chosen charity was Cancer Research UK.

For 2022, Ever Wild has chosen the Lifespace Trust – an organisation that supports mental health and wellbeing among young people.

“This one’s going to be every bit as tough as last year – but for different reasons,” Parkin said.

“The Avon Ring challenge was a bit like running four marathons in four days, but I’m going to push this one to the absolute limits and see if we can turn it into four marathons in three days.”

Armed with 3,500 calories and 2.5 litres of water per day, he plans to be on the river for at least 14 hours each session. However, many obstacles – including rapids, shallows and even tidal currents – await.

“Once again, the motivation I am going to need in those periods of mental and physical exhaustion will come from the tireless efforts of charity workers and the young people who need their help,” he added.

“In any endurance event, there will be a couple of times when you simply break down and your mind says you can’t go on – it happened last year, and it will happen again – but you have to override those thoughts and understand your body can go beyond the limitations set by your mind.”

To support this challenge, here’s the Lifespace donation page.

Watch last year’s event… Avon Ring canoe challenge.

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