ROBENS has added two new self-inflating mats (SIMs) to its 2023 gear collection.

New self-inflating mats added to Robens 2023 range

ROBENS has added a new set of self-inflating mats (SIMs) to its 2023 gear collection.

The Danish outdoors brand has introduced the Iceshield Camp 55 and Iceshield Camp 75 following major investment in weight reduction and developing innovative core profiles designed to eliminate cold spots.

Both the Iceshield Camp 55 and 75 introduce PFC-free lightweight and compact base camp SIMs that claim to provide comfort with a low weight and small pack size.

The mats are made from TPU-coated 20D 390T double line square ripstop nylon, with Robens’ in-house designed ‘Peak’ valve with quick inflation and deflation. An optional pump sack is also available.

Iceshield addition

Insulation is improved by an offset technological advancement comprising of a unique no-waste weight-saving foam profile. Offset horizontal channels cut across the top and bottom surfaces of the foam to ensure an even thickness of insulation across the entire mat, eliminating cold spots often associated with traditional vertical coring designs.

This method of construction allows for more foam to be removed from the profile, therefore a reduction in weight and pack size.

The Iceshield 50 and 75 are complemented with a new ‘Double’ – 80cm and 120cm models – which also incorporate the same offset construction technique and ripstop nylon fabric with the Peak valve.

The range utilises the Robens’ advances in 3D manufacturing techniques such as the ability to bond together materials with different characteristics to increase side wall stability. Normally, bonding dictates all sides of a 3D SIM must use the same stretch fabric required by the upper surface for comfort. This means that the mat must be over-inflated to obtain the firmness required to compensate for the sides bowing out as pressure rises.

The new bonding technique allows a ‘static’ material to be used for walls. As this does not deform under pressure it improves inflation/deflation speeds as less air is required to achieve the right comfort levels.

New Polarshield

Robens RRPs:

Iceshield Camp 55 – £122.99
Iceshield Camp 75 – £145.00
Polarshield 80 Double – £256
Polarshield 120 Double – £310

Open sizes:

Iceshield Camp 55 195cm x 65cm x 5.5cm
Iceshield Camp 75 195cm x 65cm x 7.5cm
Polarshield 80 Double 200cm x 140cm x 8cm
Polarshield 120 Double 200cm x 140cm x 12cm

Packed size and weight:

Iceshield Camp 55 32cm x 19cm 1.07kg
Iceshield Camp 75 33cm x 19cm 1.32kg
Polarshield 80 Double 65cm x 21cm 3.16kg
Polarshield 120 Double 65cm x 27cm 4.38kg


The R-Value is the measure of a material’s thermal resistance under uniform conditions and the
higher a material’s R-Value then the better insulation it provides. While it is a standard
measurement there is currently no single international test procedure to determine this in self-
inflating mattresses. Robens has collaborated with specialists to create values that aid the
purchasing process.

To obtain accurate figures an independent test company that has developed its own method to obtain R-Values was used. Mattresses are inflated to a uniform pressure and placed horizontally between two plates in a stable environment. A current is passed through one plate to create a constant heat and the power required to maintain this temperature is used to calculate the R-Value – the less energy required to keep that plate warm then the higher the insulation properties of the material and its R-Value.

Iceshield Camp 55 – 4.2 (-12)

Iceshield Camp 75 – 4.2 (-12°C)

Polarshield 80 Double – 4.1 (-12)

Polarshield 120 Double – 5.0 (-19°C)

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