A SCOTTISH mountaineer has matched the record for reaching the summit of all of the 282 Munros in a single winter season.

Mountaineer equals 83-day record for gruelling Winter Munro Round

A SCOTTISH mountaineer has matched the record for reaching the summit of all of the 282 Munros in a single winter season.

The achievement also makes Inverness athlete Anna Wells the first woman to complete the impressive feat.

The 34-year-old took 83 days to bag the ‘Winter Munro Round’, equalling the record first set by the late Martin Moran 39 years ago.

The endurance challenge must be completed within the official ‘astronomical winter’ which, this season, began on December 22 and ends on March 20.

Wells, a qualified mountaineering instructor, started the attempt on December 22 and not only equalled the record, but also became only the fourth person to do it within the dates.

As well as Anna Wells and Martin Moran, the exclusive group is joined by the late Steve Perry who did it in 2006, and also Kevin Woods with 97 days in 2020.

As with all of the small band of mountaineers, Wells’ incredible achievement was hindered with challenging weather conditions, injuries and health issues.

“My lowest moments within the round were two specific days where I had different foot problems that I thought were going to completely stop me,” she said.

“That always made me the most worried or upset because it felt like it was totally out of my control.”

Martin Moran

She also fell ill towards the end of the expedition for four days, but bravely fought through fatigue to write her name into the history books.

Friends and family often joined Anna on some of the hikes, but a particularly poignant moment came when Alex Moran – son of Martin Moran, who tragically died in an avalanche on India’s Nanda Devi East in 2019 – accompanied her for part of the journey.

“It was incredible to have so many people come and support me on the last Munro, and so many people helped me throughout the round as well,” she added.

“Martin Moran holds the the record for the fastest time, which was 83 days. I managed to equal his record, which was a little pipe dream of mine.”

What are the Munros?

The Munros consist of 282 mountains in Scotland higher than 3,000ft (914m). This includes the 4,411ft (1,344m) Ben Nevis – Britain’s highest mountain.

They are named after Sir Hugh Munro, 4th Baronet (1856–1919), who produced the first list of such hills, known as Munro’s Tables, in 1891. Also included were what Munro considered lesser peaks, now known as Munro Tops, which are also over 3,000 feet but are lower than the nearby primary mountain.

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