ROBENS has introduced two new airbed sleep mat ranges into its 'Sustain' initiative with a focus on enhancing performance while reducing weight and pack size.

Latest airbed developments see Robens create two new models with advanced insulation and weight ratio

ROBENS has introduced two new airbed sleep mat ranges into its ‘Sustain’ initiative with a focus on enhancing performance while reducing weight and pack size.

The PFC-free hybrid airbeds see the foil-insulated HybridCore and SilverCore also deliver tech that prevents rustling – a common issue with the foil mats.

The new HybridCore range offers two models. The HybridCore 80 and wider 80W offer a good insulation to weight ratio thanks to a reflective foil layer sandwiched between two layers of recycled polyester insulation. The three-layer design ensures high efficiency for three-season use while preventing any rustling often associated with this style of sleep system.

The design uses lengthways baffles that adapt to the body for optimum support. Recycled polyester fabric is used for comfort and its light weight reduces weight and packed size. A tough TPU coating keeps the air in while providing resilience to resist the rigours of outdoor life. Robens’ own ‘Peak Valve’ speeds up inflation and deflation – especially when used with an optional Robens Pump Sack or the new Conival 3-in-1 pump.

The single SilverCore 80 model shares the same outer fabric and Peak Valve as the HybridCore but differs in the baffle construction and insulation to keep weight and packed size to a minimum – aided by the narrow profile at the legs. Here, extra insulation is provided by foil layers bonded to the inside of the airbed. Multiple air chambers offer enhanced support.

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HybridCore 80 £97.99

HybridCore 80W £127.99

SilverCore 80 £127.99

Open sizes:

HybridCore 80 183cm x 51cm x 8cm

HybridCore 80W 190cm x 60cm x 8cm

SilverCore 80 193cm x 52cm x 8cm

Packed size and weight:

HybridCore 80 25cm x 12cm 630g

HybridCore 80W 26cm x 16cm 980g

SilverCore 80 23cm x 10cm 480g

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The R-Value is the measure of a material’s thermal resistance under uniform conditions and the higher a material’s R-Value then the better insulation it provides. While it is a standard measurement there is currently no single international test procedure to determine this in self-inflating mattresses, so Robens has collaborated with specialists to create values that aid the purchasing process.

To obtain the most accurate figures Robens use an independent test company that has developed its own method to obtain R-Values. Mattresses are inflated to a uniform pressure and placed horizontally between two plates in a stable environment. A current is passed through one plate to create a constant heat and the power required to maintain this temperature is used to calculate the R-Value – the less energy required to keep that plate warm then the higher the insulation properties of the material and its R-Value.


HybridCore 80 3.5 (-7°C) HybridCore 80 W 6.4 (-28°C)

SilverCore 80 3.6 (-8°C)

Peak Valve

The Robens Peak Valve addresses slow inflation/deflation speeds and makes it easier to adjust firmness. It provides increased air flow with the choice of one-way inflation through easy and simple operation. Its slim internal and external profile enhances its durable, leak proof performance.

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