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Family review of Go Ape Coventry VIDEO

Read and view the Ever Wild Outdoors family review of Go Ape Coventry to find out what Alice, aged 4, Harrison, 7, Lieren, 15, and Jeanette and Darren (forty-somethings!) thought of the Treetop Adventure at the popular outdoors attraction, in the grounds of Coombe Abbey Park.

We visited in October 2020, between national lockdowns in the UK. The Go Ape staff wore PPE and ensured visitors followed social distancing. Gloves are recommended on Go Ape courses anyway, though it made extra sense to wear gloves during a COVID-era visit.

Family review of Go Ape Coventry

We took on the Treetop Adventure: the baby of the high ropes courses at Go Ape Coventry. The minimum height to go on this course is one metre, with no minimum age restriction. Having never visited Go Ape before, I thought we’d be hovering about three feet from the ground, balancing on wide beams over a pile of soft leaves. Alice had only turned four a few days previous to our visit. She wouldn’t be 30 feet up in the trees… would she?

Yes. She would. Followed by me, her supervising adult, knees shaking to a funky disco beat. I am afraid of heights. This was beginning to feel like a very bad idea. But the safety measures in place (you are connected to the course at all times by a harness and carabiner system) and the fact that I had to focus on Alice and Harrison eased my fears. I didn’t have time to think about it anyway, as I struggled to keep up my little tree ninjas.

They traversed tricky paths strung between the trees, tackled wobbly bridges, and shot down zip lines before I had the chance to measure the distance to the ground beneath my feet. I was amazed at their fearless have-a-go mentality. I suspect any parent will be similarly astounded when they see their offspring confidently travelling through the trees.

Watch the video below to see what we got up to. Harrison’s shortened verdict: he liked it “infinity”. Alice liked it “a million thousand”. Lieren was feeling shy on the video (she’s hiding in the back of the car!), but she loved it just as much as we did. She’s trying to talk us into returning without the youngest members of the family, so that we can take on the Treetop Challenge (only for those 1.4m and taller).

Other high ropes courses and activities at Go Ape Coventry

As mentioned above, there’s a Treetop Challenge for those 1.4m and taller. Higher, bigger, longer, faster.

Treetop Adventure Plus, more challenging than the Treetop Challenger, is for adults and older children taller than 1.2m.

You can also have a go at axe throwing at Go Ape Coventry.

Other Go Ape locations

As of early 2021, there are 34 Go Ape locations around the UK. Visit Go Ape for current information and pricing.

Family review of Go Ape Coventry – the verdict

Go Ape isn’t a cheap family day out – we paid around £100 for our family of five – but it’s a thrilling and unique adventure. Our children surpassed our expectations of them. To see how much they could accomplish independently was a real eye opener. I let them take far more risks now than I did prior to our visit to Go Ape. So for a parenting lesson, it’s terrific value.

Family review of Go Ape Coventry – the video

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