EIGHTY five acres on Dartmoor have been newly designated as 'common land' and granting public access.

Dartmoor gets a further 85 acres of ‘common land’

EIGHTY five acres on Dartmoor have been newly-designated as ‘common land’ and granted with public access.

The acres are made up of three sections of land adjacent to Blackdown Common near the village of Mary Tavy, four miles north of Tavistock.

Two sections next to the car park at Willsworthy and one at Black Lion Common (by Zoar Methodist Chapel) were registered by the Planning Inspectorate.

The move follows a long-running campaign by the Open Spaces Society (OSS) to demonstrate the three parcels of land were ‘waste land’ of a manor and, therefore, should be registered as common land, according to research by the society’s historian Frances Kerner.

“I am delighted that the two parcels of land have been restored to Blackdown Common,” she said.

“It is especially pleasing that Black Lion Common, which is not access land and is isolated from the rest of Blackdown Common, will be added to the register of common land.”

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