Forestry England and Scotland spin-off 'Camping in the Forest' has acquired 16 Caravan and Camping Club sites.

Sixteen Camping and Caravanning Club sites acquired by Forestry England and Scotland

A NEW organisation created by Forestry England and Forestry Scotland will take over the running of 16 sites owned by the Camping and Caravanning Club.

The acquisition of the sites – 13 in England, and three in Scotland – will see the two countries managing their own national forest camp sites with a view to expanding the operations over the coming years.

It is understood the Camping and Caravanning Club will continue to operate the sites during 2022 to deliver a smooth handover to the newly-formed ‘Camping in the Forest’ organisation.

The New Forest dominates the takeover with 10 sites across the Hampshire beauty spot, with Sherwood Pines in Nottinghamshire, Postern Hill in Savernake Forest, and Bracelands in the Forest of Dean making up the remaining 4,000 pitches in England.

Sites being acquired through Forestry and Land Scotland include Glenmore Campsite in Aviemore, Cashel Campsite in Loch Lomond, and The Trossachs’ Cobleland Campsite.

Camping experiences ‘important for the environment’

Speaking on the takeover, Forestry England‘s chief executive – Mike Seddon – said camping experiences were important ways to allow people access to nature and gain a heightened appreciation for the environment.

“With an increasing awareness of the impact of tourism and travel, individuals and families are considering their carbon footprint and cultural impact, leading to a growth in ‘staycations’,” he said.

“This commitment enables us to plan for the future. Across the nation’s forests Forestry England and Forestry and Land Scotland will be better placed to provide overnight stays in beautiful forest locations, helping make memories that enhance health and wellbeing.”

Simon Hodgson, chief executive of Forestry and Land Scotland said: “As well as bringing people closer to nature and heightening their appreciation of the environment, holidaying in the fresh air in some of Scotland’s most scenic forest locations is a great way to relax and recharge your batteries.”

Meanwhile, the CCC’s Sabina Voysey, said the club was pleased to be handing over the sites in “such a strong position” and would be working closely with Forestry England and Forestry and Land Scotland during the transition period.

“We’re proud of our achievements with CiTF and have driven consumer awareness resulting in turnover and profitability increasing over the years, which allowed us to develop and open Sherwood Pines as a flagship campsite for CiTF in 2021,” said the Camping and Caravanning Club Director General.

“We’re pleased to be leaving the business in such a strong position, and the Club will work closely with Forestry England and Forestry and Land Scotland to ensure the transition period is as seamless as possible for Camping in The Forest’s valued customers.”

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