THE BBC has commissioned two major new series with presenter Simon Reeve, to be broadcast on BBC Two and iPlayer - Wilderness with Simon Reeve, and Scandinavia with Simon Reeve.

BBC announces two new series with Simon Reeve

THE BBC has commissioned two major new series with presenter Simon Reeve, to be broadcast on BBC Two and iPlayer – ‘Wilderness with Simon Reeve’, and ‘Scandinavia with Simon Reeve’.

Following the success of Wilderness with Simon Reeve, which was the highest-rated series on BBC Two in any genre since 2022 when it aired earlier this year, a second series has now been commissioned by BBC Factual.

Across four episodes, Simon will visit four more of the world’s most remote and beautiful wildernesses, regions where nature still has the upper hand. He’ll meet the people who live in these extreme and often hostile environments and seek out the iconic wildlife that still survives in our last great wild places.

“I’m delighted to be making these series and I’m really confident both will deliver surprises and a good few thrills,” Simon Reeve said.

“Scandinavia is vast, rugged and one of the most beautiful regions on the planet. It’s much more than just flat-pack furniture, reliable cars and candles. I know we’ll find situations, people, landscapes and facts that make my jaw drop.

“And I’m chuffed to bits and of course also more than a little daunted by the chance to trek and travel across more Wilderness areas around the planet. Filming the first series was draining and perilous, and I’m sure they’ll be plenty of challenges in the second series.

“Travelling to Wilderness areas is one of the great honours of my life, and I know for certain the next adventures will offer immense joy, wonder, and encounters with wildlife and other people that I’ll remember forever. I really hope that the second series of Wilderness helps to remind viewers that our planet is still home to vast wild areas of spectacular beauty – they do still exist!”

Tom Coveney, Head of Commissioning, Science, added: “I can’t wait to see more of Simon’s intrepid adventures to some of our planet’s most precious wildernesses. His unique ability to connect with people all over the world, and to uncover what’s really going on in its most remote corners, will no doubt deliver another joyful and thought-provoking series.”

Wilderness with Simon Reeve, a 4×60’ series for BBC Two and iPlayer was commissioned by Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Specialist Factual.

In addition, a new travelogue will see Simon journey to Scandinavia, travelling from the Arctic to the Baltic to uncover the secrets of this beautiful and extreme region.

Nordic societies are known for their wealth and happiness, but the Russian invasion of Ukraine and the impact of mass immigration have put them under new pressure. As well as showcasing some of the most spectacular scenery on earth, Scandinavia with Simon Reeve (w/t) will reveal a hidden side to what has become one of the most important frontiers of Europe. It is slated to be broadcast in Spring 2025.

“Simon is incredibly skilful at uncovering a different side to the places he visits, and showing us people and cultures in a fresh light. I am excited to see what his adventures in this spectacular and fascinating region will reveal,” said Joanna Carr, News Controller, Long Form Commissioning.

Scandinavia with Simon Reeve is commissioned by Joanna Carr and Gian Quaglieni, Commissioning Editor, Current Affairs.

Both series are produced by The Garden, part of ITV Studios, for BBC Two and iPlayer.

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