FIVE climbers have been killed and four left injured after an avalanche on the popular Oshtorankuh mountain in Iran.

Avalanche on Iran’s Oshtorankuh mountain kills five and leaves four injured

FIVE climbers have been killed and four left injured following an avalanche in a popular mountain range in Iran.

The injured members of the climbing party were airlifted to Erfin Hospital as rescuers spent much of the weekend escorting survivors back to base and attempting to recover the remains of the deceased mountaineers on the 4,150m Oshtorankuh mountain.

It is believed the avalanche occurred on Friday, but rescue attempts were hampered by poor weather conditions which had affected the Zagros mountain range for more than a week. Local authorities say they had been warning climbers about the extreme conditions.

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The range – 180 miles south west of Iran’s capital Tehran – is often regarded as a safe but highly challenging region for climbers, and one not known for avalanches, despite 12 mountaineers being killed in the neighbouring Alborz region in December 2020.

In a statement earlier today, the Iranian Red Crescent charity rescue service said: “Yesterday, following the avalanche in Oshtorankuh, Lorestan, nine people had an accident, of which four people were taken to the hospital with the efforts of aid workers, and unfortunately five people were also missing.

“The bodies of two of the missing people were found yesterday.

“The bodies of three more missing climbers were found a few minutes ago with the efforts of the Red Crescent rescuers.”

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